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About Me

I bring 30 years of canvas painting along with 40 years of stitching to everything you see in this shop.  Each design is brought together for thread and stitch possibilities to entertain stitchers of all skill levels.

The canvases for sale here are made with care at my own studio.

The canvas designs come from subjects that I like to think about.  Through the lense of a canvas designer — fashion, the Royal Family, humor, horses, and pop culture present with endless ideas to stitch.  The goal is fun stitching, and all the fun pillows, ornaments, and home decor that follow.

Most importantly, these needlepoint canvases are created for your enjoyment before and after you finish them. 

After you have bought a canvas from me, our relationship literally never ends. Whether you begin switching right away or two years from now, if you need thread and/or stitching advice, you are always welcome to reach out to me at SarahHelenDesign@iCloud.com.  

Even after then, you will still not be rid of me. I’d love to see your work on Instagram using my tag @FroopyDesignsLLC.